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Bree: Back in the car, we took a winding afternoon drive to Playa Flamingo, hoping to find a campsite somewhere in the area (as indicated by our guidebook). We drove through the blazing hot beach side communities, trying to find the promised place, to no avail. In the meantime, Ben’s “hot dry desert” annoyance was kicking in.

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Though we might have found a nearby hotel, we eventually scrapped the idea entirely, opting to park the car and spend the afternoon in the shade at Playa Flamingo. Glorious cloud cover soon glided in, redeemingour sweltering afternoon, and soon we were playing a strange two man rendition of dodgeball with our flip-flops until I was doubled over with the giggles and we gave up on the game, diving into the surf.

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We packed up earlier than intended and attempted to take the “shorter” way back to Liberia, which I guess was successful if you measure in distance, but the terrain slowed the process considerably. We forged creeks and climbed up rutted mountain paths before rejoining the highway and rolling into bustling Liberia just after dark.

Given the insane pace of the city, I was nervous we’d struggle to find a place to stay, since our guidebook indicate that things fill up during high season. It seemed the place we’d used on our first night was full, but two doors down had a much upgraded vacancy for even less money.

Amusingly, the host didn’t speak a lick of English, and with an unusual stroke of luck, I managed to eek out an entire conversation in my rusty Spanish, apologizing all the way. Elated that my years of studying Spanish weren’t completely for naught (although seriously, my language skills are pretty bad!) I was charmed by the cute lady in charge who was captivated by the bald eagles on our passports.

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With lodging secured for the rest of our trip. we decided to blow off our plans to spend another entire day on the beach, and began reading up on Parque National Rincon de la Viaja for our final Costa Rican hike.



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