Provo River

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In an effort to get our families to branch out a little bit, we decided it would be fun to talk all of them into tubing the Provo River with us. My dad and brothers were in California, so my mom, myself, and Ben’s entire family made the trek to Utah County, where we planned to rent tubes.


There was a wait ahead of us, so we went down by the river to put sunscreen on, where we found ourselves a lovely rope swing. I dare say it was the highlight of the trip for me. We spent the better part of an hour swinging over the river, and eventually getting brave enough to drop into the freezing cold water. So fun.

The so called tube “company” was a little odd, and the crowded van ride up to the top was positively frightening as we careened up the canyon.  Once we reached the top and unleaded, we were on our own and our group quickly got separated. It is surprisingly difficult to control your speed and location as you float down the river with no paddles but your hands.  Most of our group had a lovely float down the diver, although Caroline and got the wits scared out of us in an incident of near drowning. We escaped narrowly, and frankly, I think I’d be ok if I never floated a river again!



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