Rainy Kayak

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The next morning we were slated to begin our two day kayak trip. Unfortunately, the first sound of the morning was rain pouring down on our tents. Ben and I normally deal with rain by staying snugly inside the tent until it lets up, but with an appointment to meet our kayaking guide, we packed up and hit the road.

By the time we unloaded the kayaks from the van, got the safety briefing, and loaded up, we were wet and fairly cold. Gratefully, once we were tucked into the kayaks, we got a little warmer, and after a long bit of intro paddling and troubleshooting, we were on our way.

The ocean was rough and Emily and I were both feeling more sick with every swell our kayak passed over. To make matters worse, paddling back and forth only aggravated our plight making us the slowest kayak ever. The other kayaks all had strong guys in the back, and we were already at a disadvantage before the sickness hit. As we both tried to avoid losing our lunch, we were lagging far behind. As we went, we spotted seals hanging out on the beach. They looked like they might have had a run in with a predator recently…

As we paddled, the wind kicked up fiercely, throwing off our plans to take the long route in search of orcas. Although we saw them at a brief glimpse, we were forced to turn around and head toward a sheltered channel before conditions got too dangerous.

Once in the sheltered channel, our sickness abated a bit, and we paddled onward to our campsite for the night. We were grateful to get out, stretch our legs, and be on dry land. We spent the rest of the evening checking out tide pools, taking pictures, eating terrible dehydrated food, and sitting around the fire.





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