Resting in Pavia

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Waking up in Camping Tocino, all I could hear was rain pouring down on the tent. We had discussed in depth whether to push through to Bobbio today, or whether to rest and at the rain, I quietly rolled over and waited to see if Ben would do the same.  He made no effort at getting up.  We tossed and turned in our tent all morning and listened to the noise on our tent.  Rest day it was.

Gratefully, by the time we got up, the rain had stopped a bit, so we geared up and headed into Pavia to see the sights.  My unloaded bike felt incredibly nimble as we weaved through the traffic.  The first thing we passed was an open market and we jumped off our bikes to see what we could find.  We wanted some bread and some cheese and perhaps some produce.  I held Ben’s bike and sent him off to find cheese where he stood at the counter, apparently paralyzed by options.  It took quite a while, but he finally decided on a nice soft cheese and did a pretty good job of miming how much he wanted.  We snagged some bread and headed off to the grounds of Castella Visconteo to enjoy our lunch.

The castle was a quiet, relatively empty place where we puttered around for a few hours, taking pictures and reading what we could on each sign.  Only a few minutes after we rolled inside the castle walls, an older woman stopped and asked Ben something about a photo.  Assuming he wanted us to take her picture in front of the castle walls, he hopped off his bike, happy to help.  Instead, she gestured for him to get back on and move back toward me.  She wanted to take a picture of us!

It was a fun stop and a lovely place to check out our first castle of the trip.

From there, we coasted around town enjoying the churches, the squares, the fountains, and statues and chatting about our days so far.

We still feel like we have a lot to learn out here both to make our trip easier and to allow us to be prepared enough to travel in more rural areas.  Still, it is exciting to actually be here and to be seeing everything we’ve read about fall into place. Today’s rest day was ever so well needed and in the future, we will know that to stop and rest and take in any given place goes a long way in making a trip like this worth while.

Km ridden: 19



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