Return to Kanarra Canyon

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It is Labor Day once again – and for the second year in a row that means spending some time with Bree’s extended family at their cabin near Brian Head Ski Resort.  We were so enamored with Kanarra Canyon last year that we decided to spend Saturday morning hiking up the beautiful slot.

We were fortunate enough to have Debbie and Miara along this time, so we set out in a surprisingly cool morning with the thermometer barely cracking 60*.  It was about 8:00 by the time we got onto the trail, and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  The approach and even the canyon was much greener this year, and many portions of the trail had completely washed away – leaving only bare water lines that we had to skirt around.  Even the ladder at the last waterfall had been somewhat destroyed as a lot of the steps had been replaced with less picturesque versions of the same.

On the way back we were in less of a rush and took some extra time to take a few pictures and even slide down the sliding rock.  Nobody else would join with me, but that’s probably because the river was seriously some of the coldest water I’ve ever felt.  As I would slide down and dump into the icy pool, my breath was completely taken away.

Last year we got a much later start.  Given how quiet the canyon was and how cool the temperatures are – this was the way to go.  By the time we began the trek back to the mouth of the canyon the crowds started appearing.  Lesson learned once again – getting an early start will inevitably lead to fewer crowds.



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