Riding Gooseberry Mesa

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A beautiful day on Gooseberry Mesa awaited us, and though we had planned to drive out to some easier trails, the prospect of a long drive on rough dirt roads wasn’t that appealing, so we decided to stick close to the yurt. Gooseberry Mesa is famous for its network of mountain biking trails, so we were anxious to give it a shot. Knowing that some of us (read: me) aren’t that great on a mountain bike, we also knew that we’d probably have to do quite a bit of stopping and walking.

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Ben easily kept up with Lori and her teenage boys and I hung back with Jeff and Emily, riding and bike hiking, laughing all the way. We rode along the Windmill Trail, on to the Rim Trail, down the White Trail a while, and then joined up with the practice loop and hit the main road back to dodge. By then, I was a bit worried I’d be sun burnt and we were all ready for some lunch, so we sped back to the yurt.

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By the time we’d eaten, napped, read, and gamed for a while, Lori, the boys, and Ben headed out for a second round of trail riding and Emily Jeff and I took a gentle bike hike to check out the vistas off the other end of the mesa. Then, we reconvened for dinner and to watch the storm blow in.

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For as much as I love sunny blue skies, watching the moody weather blow into the neighboring valley was a stirring sight. Ben and I wandered for an hour or so, watching the clouds boil over the red rocks.

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Then, we settled in on the porch to chat with new friends and watch the lightning pulse through the valley below.

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