San Juan Island

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After our beautiful ride through the night, we decided to give it a shot in the light.  We plotted a short ride from Snug Harbor to Lime Kiln – which is the premiere land-based whale watching site on the island.

The ride turned out to be remarkably hilly – much more so than the route we took through the middle of the island in the night.  Regardless, the intensely green forests littered with giant mushrooms and ferns made for a beautiful ride, not to mention the black-tail deer that were practically domestic.

As we reached Lime Kiln a little drizzle kicked in.  We didn’t have much luck with whales during our stop, though it was beautiful nonetheless.

After a long ride back through the drizzle, we decided to head into town.



As we drove on past Lime Kiln, we saw a cluster of cars pulled over on the side of the road.  We were in luck!  The orcas were just passing through the area.  I grabbed our long lens and took off down the grassy hill toward the coast.  For the better part of 10 or 15 minutes we all watched in wonder as dorsal fins would appear for just a moment before sinking back into the water.  We were lucky enough to even see a few tail slaps.

The entire point of the trip was to hang out with these guys.  I was totally overjoyed to be able to see them, and doing so really geared me up for our kayak trip the next day.

As is often the case, good things must come to an end and eventually the whales passed through.  It was getting late, so we finished our trip to the grocery store and headed back to camp.

As luck would have it, there was a construction crew working on a cabin next to our campsite.  They were packing up for the day, so one of the construction workers asked if we would like some of their scrap wood for a fire.  Accepting their offer, they dragged an entire garbage can full of boards of all sizes which we gladly put to use.




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