Scuba at Blue Lake

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This weekend we performed the open water dive for our scuba certification.  The dive was at Blue Lake, Utah – about 30 minutes south of Wendover.

We did two dives – one on Friday afternoon and one early Saturday morning.  We stayed overnight at the Wendover KOA in a tent.  It was cheaper then a hotel, plus bathrooms and showers.  That was a good move – because the lake left a nice film of nasty on us.  Blue Lake is a spring-fed oasis in the middle of the Douglas proving grounds.  It is apparent that the lake is frequented by anybody but divers – and the roads out to the lake are severely washboarded.  We were very sad for Bree’s little car, who is already having enough problems as it is.

Once we got to the lake (which is actually smaller than Bountiful Pond), we were immediately attacked by what Bob refers to as Nevada’s state bird – the horsefly.  It was necessary to get our wetsuits on quickly so as to avoid getting bitten.

After a short hike along the boardwalk from the parking area to the lake, we got into the murky water.  The visibility was eerily low – about 5 or 6 feet.  As we descended past about 8 or 9 feet we could no longer see anything but the diver next to us – not the surface, not the platform under the water, and definitely not the bottom.  It was a little bit spooky at first – especially as we swam along the guide ropes into the dark abyss – or as Bree puts it – into the depths of hell.

On subsequent dives we got used to the inability to navigate by sight.  By the final dive, we were navigating fairly comfortably around the shipwrecks and platforms.  By hey, at least it was warm.  The water is between 70 and 80* year round.  All in all I had a good time.  And if nothing else, at least it was an adventure.


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