Sibiu by Night

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When the day finally cooled off, we headed out to see the rest of Sibiu, this time by night.

Sibiu_06.23-149 Sibiu_06.23-163 Sibiu_06.23-183

The characteristic windows of the area make all the buildings here look like they have eyes, especially so as the evening dimmed a bit. Without much of an agenda, we set to meandering through the streets with no particular destination in mind. Everything was so adorably photogenic we were stopping every few steps to try to capture the details.

Sibiu_06.23-153 Sibiu_06.23-156 Sibiu_06.23-158 Sibiu_06.23-184

We soon found ourselves back at the church we’d seen this morning, now with a Sunday service in swing. We stood in the courtyard for a long while listening to the deep singing voice being broadcast from inside and watching church goers pay their respects. We also poked around the building off to the side where people had lit candles on behalf of loved ones sorted into bins for those living and and those dead.

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Sibiu_06.23-188 Sibiu_06.23-218 Sibiu_06.23-209

Plenty of construction was going on and lots of roads were getting new cobbles. I can’t believe how much effort goes into paving the roads with lovely patterns of stones. Still, they aren’t very fun to ride a bike on.

Sibiu_06.23-220 Sibiu_06.23-221

As the light faded to brilliant pink, we jogged across town to capture the last of it as it stretched across the old town and then dimmed, leaving us with streetlights to line our way. Sibiu is gorgeous no matter what time of day you visit.

Sibiu_06.23-269 Sibiu_06.23-273

Then, we headed back to the hotel, where we settled in on the community balcony working and blogging. The most animated Canadian guys in the adjacent room had left their window open, leaving us a captive audience to their hilarious conversations. We heard snippets in their wonderful accent that included:

“I’ve found a clean and dry pair of your underpants on my luggage. Are you going to need those today?”

“I’ve found a spoon! It was in the bottom of my shaving kit!” (Sadly, we related awfully well to this, our spoons are always lost.)

“I don’t know the words (to the Romanian music they were listening to), la la la la la. These guys like “la la la la la” more than the Swedes! La la la la la la la!”

From our perch outside, we stifled our giggles so that they wouldn’t hear us. We later met them and they turned out to be the most hilarious duo we’ve met in our travels.



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    I’m not gonna lie… the eye windows are kinda creepy haha

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