Skate Skiing

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To continue our monthly theme of new winter sports (i.e. snowshoeing, classic xc skiing, and downhill skiing), we decided to give xc skiing one more chance.  This time, though, there was going to be none of this shuffling business.  We had watched the skate skiers in envy as they flew by us when we went up to Milcreek Canyon, so that’s what we were going to try.

Coincidentally, REI sponsors a “ski trails day” every year at Mountain Dell, up Parley’s canyon.  This is a clinic where they offer free rentals and lessons for various types of winter trail activity – including skate skiing.  So with a chance to try it out for free, Bree, Colton, Miara and I bundled up once again for yet another winter adventure.

To say the least, we have found our new winter sport.  Skate skiing is awesome.  It’s potentially fast paced, rhythm, and above all an awesome workout for both cardio and legs.  It is basically the winterized version of cycling.  It took a little bit of time to get used to the motion, but by the end we were all zipping around the track.

The zipping wasn’t continuous, though.  Every 5 or so minutes we would need to stop for a breather.  If you skated just once a week you could stay in seriously good shape.  By the end, I was so beat that I could barely stand on my skis, much less make it up the final ascent.

So the verdict for the day was this: we are now in the market for skate skis.


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