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In terms of number of water ski trips, this summer has been a success.   We spent a long weekend on Bear Lake and another couple of Saturdays on Echo Reservoir (our new local favorite) and we’ve had such a good time.   Ben has come to his own on a water ski this year which has made it just that much more fun.

The thing about water skiing in my family is that my dad is amazing.  His claim to fame is that he can jump the entire wake side to side.  Colton has showed some real promise in the past couple of years, but none of us can seem to recreate the same kind of distance he gets.

although we basically all tried-

But to no avail.  And for that matter, we’ll also probably never accomplish the same kind of turns he gets.  Although, if anyone’s going to get him there, it is probably Trent.

Or maybe Ben.

And in the quest to attain my father’s level of skiing (and due to a quick shutter speed), we are privileged to witness some serious wipe outs.

But mostly its just hard to beat being out on the water in the beautiful weather and in good company.

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