Ski Jumping 101

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Living within an hour of the Utah Olympic Park, we have access to all sorts of community “lessons” in various winter sports.  Ski jumping is the first in what will hopefully be a long series of pathetic attempts at random winter sports.

The course started with basic jumps into a pool – without skis.  Being the awesome jumpers that we are, this proved somewhat boring.  We quickly graduated to the skis.  Let us note that I do not ski.  Luckily for us not much is required.  No steering,  Just point your skis down the ramp and go!

By the end of the lesson we were jumping, and even getting close to a full 360.  Bree, however, got a little bit beat up from one too many faceplants.

Of course, after we had our little adventure, the real jumpers came out to jump off of the real jumps.  Talk about a blow to the ego.


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