Skis and a Fox

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Between Christmas and the new year, we braved the intense winter weather and escaped to Teton National Park for some fresh air and nordic skiing. We had no plans except to ski, eat, and soak up the beautiful landscape. Teton is easily one of our favorite national parks, and we’d never seen it in the winter. It didn’t disappoint. They weren’t even collecting entrance fees!

We skied up to Taggart Lake, which was a beautiful way to spend a morning despite the fact that the lake was hiding beneath many feet of snow. I skied slowly to accommodate a sore hip, making it a bit of a struggle to stay warm.


Later, we  took a long drive around the park, soaking up the fog and the ice. It was SO cold.

Two mornings in a row, we were privy to see this daring fox, chilling mere feet away from the visitor’s center.




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