Sledding in the Carpathians Part 3

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The villages eventually thinned, leaving us with hills lit up with evening glow as we rolled into Sighisoara. We checked into the local camping, once again a lovely spot for tents next to a terrible parking lot for RVs, and then headed into town in search of some fresh vegetables. We had no luck on the produce, but the lovely town was golden in the evening light, drawing us in to explore even though we hadn’t planned to sight-see until morning.

Sighisoara_06.24-250 Sighisoara_06.24-236

Sighisoara_06.24-199 Sighisoara_06.24-209 Sighisoara_06.24-210

We meandered up to the enormous colorful clock tower, ambling up the narrow cobblestone alleyways and noting how many of the buildings were from the 15th century. The towns here are just so unbelievably cute. Then, Ben spotted a sign to visit the room in which Dracula was born.

Sighisoara_06.24-233  Sighisoara_06.24-241 Sighisoara_06.24-244 Sighisoara_06.24-246

Sighisoara_06.24-200 Sighisoara_06.24-202 Sighisoara_06.24-213

Kitschy tourist stuff like this is usually on our list of items to skip, but Ben seemed more than usually interested in checking it out. I on the other hand, was unable to imagine anything that we might see in that room that I would be glad to have paid for, so we decided to send him up by himself. Fifteen minutes later, he came back out, stifling a fit of laughter. Complete with theme music and a live Dracula popping out of a box to scare tourists (though he was the only one at this time at night), the visit had been far more ridiculous than I’d envisioned.


Finally, we hiked up a huge covered staircase to a hilltop church, affording us a nice view of the surrounding valleys just as the sun was getting serious about setting.

Sighisoara_06.24-225 Sighisoara_06.24-247  Sighisoara_06.24-252

Sighisoara_06.24-226 Sighisoara_06.24-223


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  1. Kim says:

    The close up picture of the church roof is so striking. Bree, I’m sure you’re full of regret having skipped the Dracula room.

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