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Although we both got a better night’s sleep than Monday night, neither of us were feeling 100% when we got up.  These summertime colds really did a number on us.  Gratefully, we were up quite early, so we packed up camp and were out the door by 7:30.  Our first miles were mostly flat with the alpine foothills in the background and beautiful morning farmland lining our way.  I was grateful for the gentle terrain because between my congestion and nausea, I wasn’t up for much.

Our plan was simply to cycle about 35 kilometers to a campground by a lake which we had been led to believe had the elusive wifi that has been all but impossible to find since we arrived in Germany.  With plenty of details regarding our trip home still to be worked out (namely, how we are going to get back to Milan) and with Ben needing to register for fall classes, and partly because we hadn’t touched base with anyone at home in nearly a week, this was getting to be pretty important.  If we were going to spend most of the day resting, we at least wanted to be able to be connected while we did so.

The ride brought us a few good, short hill climbs, but since it was nice and early and not yet too warm, we didn’t mind much.  Amazingly enough, we arrived to the campground by 10:30, around the same time we’d departed for our ride yesterday!

We quickly got checked in and established that wifi would in fact be an option.  Once we were set up, we logged in to get our backlog of journal entries up to the site.  As we worked though, none of our changes would stick.  With some other strange text showing up on the site, it seems as though the site had been hacked, so even more work needed to be done before we could get caught up.  Our first hour of internet expired far too soon, so we crawled in our shaded tent and took a mid morning nap- exactly what we needed.

From there, we headed down to the waterfront of the quiet lake to take a quick dip in the water to cool off.  We watched the families swimming and playing on the grassy beach before both getting good and wet and declaring our swim complete.  We can be a bit lame when it comes to spending any actual amount of time in the water.

As we’ve been out and around the campsite today, the best part has been watching the old German guy who must belong to the family that owns this campground.  Fully dressed in his straw hat and overalls, he has been driving his tractor all over creation for most of the day looking just as pleased as can be.  I keep hoping I will be able to snap his picture as he goes by…

As evening rolls in, we are back to work to finish our last big set of plans before we return home.  Here’s hoping this isn’t the last bit of internet we see until we arrive back in Italy!


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