Springtime Celebrations

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For our last trip, we were anxiously arranging gear and making plans nearly six months in advance, so our decision to travel only three weeks before departure has left us in a bit of a whirlwind. Not only have we been scrambling to prepare for a long stint away, but we’ve been madly rushing between weddings, graduation, time with friends, and family events to see how much summer we can stuff into three weeks.

We’ve been busy snuggling our friends’ new baby.

Attending Sihk services with my darling sister in law for her college class.


We attended my graduation ceremony at USU.


The next day, my little brother married his beautiful bride. The weather was perfect and the day was overwhelmingly full of people we love. I couldn’t be happier to see two of my favorite people start their lives together.


We also attended a wedding for Ben’s cute cousin, where I got to huddle up with three generations of short haired gals in Ben’s family. I so love these people, and am so glad they are mine.

Now that Colton and Miara are home from their honeymoon, they’ve moved in with us, set to keep an eye on our house for the summer while we’re away. In the meantime, our house feels like a giant sleepover party and we’ve been devouring Colton’s excellent cooking skills nightly, most recently outside in the yard.


For Mother’s Day, my whole family piled into my Dad’s SUV to visit my grandma in Logan. One of these days, we’re going to grow up and stop driving around with seven adults packed in the car like clowns, but it just won’t be the same.


After spending the winter feeling anxious to be anywhere but home, all the recent happenings here have left me feeling sad to leave so many people and good times behind in favor of the solitude of the open road.



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