Star Party

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Without any real weekend plans, save for a good long bike ride, we noticed a star party being held on Antelope Island and thought it might be a cool way to spend the evening. We drove out before sunset, hoping to see some wildlife before it got dark.

Although there were plenty of buffalo, deer, and bird life to be had, the owls we were really hoping to see eluded us. Still, we got to take part in another legendary sunset over the lake, making the whole trip worth it just for that. Eventually the red sun inched below the horizon, so we piled in the car and waited for it to get dark.

Darkness spend a slow hour drizzling in, allowing one, then five, and eventually hundreds of stars to peek out from behind the dark curtain of sky. As it turns out, it takes a long time for it to get really dark!

The wait was worth it though, and we enjoyed another 90 minutes among astrology experts who were nice enough to not only allow the public to use their awesome telescopes, but to explain to us what we were seeing. I felt hopelessly unaware of the magnitude of the universe and really enjoyed a chance to take a peek into great expanse of unknown territory that encompasses our tiny planet.


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