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I woke up with the sun- pretty much as always these days, but today we gratefully had nowhere to go.  I rolled over and went back to sleep  for two solid hours.  By the time I finally crawled out of the tent, I realized that I felt more or less like I had been run over by a train.  It is amazing to me how our bodies can hold on and just keep going as long as there is a good cause, but as soon as it is time to rest, everything just crashes.

Ben had already been up for a while (weird) and kindly fed me some yogurt and muesli (granola) and some bread for breakfast.  Then, I crawled right back in the tent  to take care of some online “errands” and finish up posting a few things.  My legs are more sore from riding than I think I have ever experienced, and it was so nice simply not to have anything we really needed to do.

By lunchtime, Ben was starting to get antsy since he apparently has an endless supply of energy, so we headed out into town, thinking we might be able to catch a bus up to the ski resort or find some ice cream or something.  For better or for worse though, the entire town of Bourg d’Oisans was closed up tight for lunch, save one single restaurant that was servicing quite te herd of cyclists, assumingly having just climbed the famed Alpe d’Huez.  Their incredible road bikes were all parked and unlocked in the bike parking across the street and we took a quick moment to have bike envy.

At some point, we figured out that the next bus available would only leave us an hour or so before we had to catch the last bus back down and we decided to skip the trip altogether and spend our time closer to “home” finishing up some route planning.  We put together a quick dinner, found ourselves some ice cream, and spent the evening talking about where we go from here.

My anxiety for our climb up the famed alp tomorrow is rising, although we’ve read that the profile of the climb is almost exactly the same as that of Little Cottonwood Canyon at home.  Ben swears it isn’t that bad.  I’ve never tried it on a bike, but I know it is steep!

I have to laugh because Ben keeps talking about how tomorrow will be another rest day since all we will be doing is  climbing the Alpe d’Huez and then we’ll have the rest of the day to do something else.  He’s got a whole list of secondary rides planned just in case he needs to burn off some more energy when we are done.  I’m not sure where his super human legs come from, but I can only hope that one day I will think that climbing a vertical kilometer counts as a rest!  Here’s hoping my legs start to feel a bit sturdier by morning because I’m going to need every bit of leg strength I’ve got!





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