Stocking Up on Wienerbrod

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The sun finally warmed up our cold tent-site, waking up Bree remarkably early as usual. Our sleeping bags have been reunited in order to cope with the cold here in the arctic circle, and even then it is still a touch cold for Bree. We dozed on and off, and didn’t get going until well past 9:00 – a veritable record for us.

The weather was promising with cool temperatures, a warm sun and plenty of billowy clouds collecting on the horizon to keep us company on our long drive back into Swedish Lapland. I was feeling remarkably refreshed after finally getting enough sleep for the first time in several days. Car trips are absolutely exhausting!

The drive back toward Sweden went surprisingly quickly, presumably from our lack of pulling over every 35 seconds to take a picture. We did however make a quick stop at a giant troll next to an abandoned building (the building is or sale if you are interested).


Up and over the pass we went, past the windmills that had greeted us a few days before and we soon found ourselves back in Abisko national park on the Swedish border. We were getting a little cramped up in our car, so we took a stop at the TI and found a good nearby hike.

We walked along the gorge which was mere minutes away with yet another beautifully green river crashing violently against the sharply cut limestone walls. We were accompanied by some really harsh light on the steep cliffs, so instead of making an attempt to capture the gorge we just enjoyed it – a welcome change after so many days of endless shooting.

08.11_Lapland-008 08.11_Lapland-010 08.11_Lapland-028

Finally heading back to our car, we began our push across Sweden. We drove on and on, taking another quick stop to stock up on large quantities of wienerbrod for us and petrol for the clown car.

As we drove through the rolling, forested hills of Sweden the clouds built and grew into some epic skyscapes. They continued as we passed over rivers and through really small towns.

08.11_Lapland-033 08.11_Lapland-034 08.11_Lapland-035 08.11_Lapland-044

We finally stopped unusually early to camp alongside a wide river, where we spent the rest of the day blogging, sorting pictures, reading, and actually taking some much-needed time to catch up and relax.

08.11_Lapland-048 08.11_Lapland-051 08.11_Lapland-052 08.11_Lapland-055

Bree’s Note: If you’ve been counting, you’ll note that this makes our fifth straight night wild camping, now making a new record for the longest I’ve ever been without a shower. Still, finding an easy place to camp in the car is particularly straightforward and the places we’ve been able to call ours for the night have been simply stunning. As we’ve sat around on the bank of a beautiful river tonight, I’ve been thinking that hopefully we’ll remember these beautiful evenings long after we’ve scrubbed off the dirt from our incredible Scandinavian road trip.

08.11_Lapland-058 08.11_Lapland-062


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