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Well the couple that does things strikes again.  This time, though, I had no clue.  Bree has been planning a “super-awesome-date-night” for over a month now, but wouldn’t tell me what it actually was.  It turns out it wasn’t actually a date night, but more  so the entire day.

She finally told me the night before that we were going to the CLAS marriage retreat (i.e. ropes course).  We showed up for the “deluxe version” of the retreat at around 11:15 to find ourselves canoeing up the awesome and super-clean (not) Provo river.

Going upstream wasn’t too bad.  The current wasn’t too bad.  About 1/2 mile up, however, the river narrowed and of course that means that the current sped up.  We got caught in a slight eddy while frantically attempting to pass the neck – treadmill fashion.  The eddy pulled us slightly forward while the current pushed us backward.  Result?  Spinning, nearly capsizing, lunch spilling everywhere (including a huge cup of root beer), Bree falling off of her seat into the root beer, and heading back down stream.  Believe it or not, we gave up on going farther upstream.

The docks were super awesome.  They enclosed a ton of stagnant water, which meant mosquitoes as thick as the air.  Luckily my mission bug-spray is as good as it can get.  They would just hover around us – not a single bite.  One dock, however, was not altogether…buoyant?  I was trying to do some stupid hops from one to the other.  What I didn’t account for was that when I kicked off of the one, it sunk 2 feet.  So jumping from one dock to another after sinking 2 feet…I had no chance.  Somehow I made a miraculous save by sprawling and kicking one leg and laying flat on the dock.  The only damage was one leg wet to my knee.

The rest of the day comprised of sweet airborne activities, and for those of you who know anything about Bree and I, airborne is key.  The first thing that Bree and I kicked butt at was the cable walk.  Two cable were anchored to a tree, and spread out farther and farther to opposing trees.  The ideas was to hold on to the other person and walk as far as you could while leaning on the other person to keep you up.  Everyone was totally impressed with how quickly and easily we did it.

The next game we played as no pictorial proof, but it was pretty sweet.  We were given three boards that fit into notches on telephone pole stumps (about 2.5 feet high)  They all fit into different stumps to make bridges, and we had to get our group of 15 people across on the three boards.  If you fell off, you were blindfolded and still had to cross.  This was a sweet game, just because of how much strategy and teamwork was involved.  At the point where you have 10 people stacked on a 2-inch wide bridge, you know you are in trouble.  Especially because we had to pass the boards back and forth, all while trying to balance.

The swing was good and all, but nobody told us we could flip.  That said, it was kind of boring.  You are strapped onto a big bar, and then the rest of your team pulls you up about 40 feet (which takes a lot of pulling).  You then let go of the rope and you go swinging.

The next game was one of the best ones – the trapeze.  The idea is that you climb up a 30 foot pole and jump to a trapeze bar.  There are two catches, though.  The first is that the pole is freaking wobbly.  The second is that the trapeze bar isn’t a straight jump.  You have to actually jump and catch is at an angle.  Actually, there are three catches.  The third is that standing up on the tiny platform on the top of the wobbly pole is actually pretty difficult.

Surprisingly enough, we both made it.

Next up, the wobbly ladder climb.  Coincidentally, Bree and I went to a trapeze class last week.  And what is a trapeze beside one link in a wobbly ladder?  Not much.  So while everyone else struggle to sprawled and heaved each other up the ladder, Bree and I did our usual circus antics to get up with zero energy.  None of the other groups thought to go up upside-down.

At the top of the ladder was a zip line.  To get there was easy, we just had to walk on a set of vertically-parallel cables over to the tree where the line was anchored.  From there it was a straight shot across the entire facility to a gravity stop at the bottom (luckily enough Bree went before me, so I didn’t have to hang out stranded without a ladder at the bottom of the stop).



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