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With summer now in full swing, we are constantly battling the comparison between what we were doing this time last year, and our current summer plans which are a little less exciting. To curb our wanderlust however, we’ve been overcome with the realization there is actually a lot to do here in Utah.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to take the opportunity dedicate this summer to poking around our own backyard in search of some new adventures. As it turns out, there is quite a lot we didn’t know about our little corner of the world.

On Memorial Day, we needed to get in a good training ride on the bikes, so we took a bit of a drive up to Trapper’s Loop, a nice hilly ride through beautiful green pastures tucked beneath the snow-capped peaks of Snowbasin ski resort. We drive this particular road every summer on our way to Pineview Reservoir with the boat, and every year I watch the cyclists climb up and over, admiring their endurance.

I was a bit nervous, heading out to climb hills that once seemed like they were fit for only super-human cyclists, but as it turned out, I was ready to tackle them without too much trouble at all. We spun up one side, down the other, cruised around the lake, and then climbed back up and over the pass back to the car. With the deep green, cow filled pastures, and the idyllic snowy peaks within view, I felt almost as though we’d been transported all the way back to the French alps.

In case one really successful local event wasn’t enough, that evening we met up with Colton and Miara to hike a canyon not more than a couple of miles from home. Our quest- to find the Native American pictographs we’d read about online.

The trail was pretty rough, but truly a short hike before we saw the marker notating the pictographs were near. A bit stupidly, we picked our way carefully up the steep embankment scouring the rocks hoping to spot some faint pictures, and saw nothing. After a pretty solid 20 minutes of precarious searching, we gave up and hit the trail again, and sure enough, 30 seconds of walking revealed the native artwork right off the trail.

Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t seem to know much more about these old relics except that they exist. I’m dying to know who left them and how old they are, but until future notice, we may never know.

Having had a pretty awesome day without going much of anywhere at all, we’ve dedicated this summer to being the “summer of local.” We’re looking forward to seeing what else we might find right in our own hometown.



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