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A few months ago, we snagged a Groupon for Cloud9 Paragliding and figured it would be a fun date for our anniversary.  (I guess we’re just not the dinner and a movie type…)  We ended up running into some weather problems and had to reschedule for a few days later, but it was worth the wait!

Ben took off a few minutes before I did, so I got to stand on the ground and watch him go up and up and up.  There were also a number of student pilots on the ground that were stumbling around, fighting to keep their canopies open that were making me terribly nervous to watch! I was really grateful when our experienced pilots showed up and quickly had us launched off the side of the mountain.  Before I hardly knew what was happening, we were lifting high above the flight park and the pilot told me we would be able to land in exactly the same place.


They hooked my camera up so I could take some shots from the sky without worrying about dropping it…it was absolutely breathtaking.  (And not just because it was freezing)

I was altogether less scared than I had expected, but I hadn’t planned on getting so totally air-sick.  By the end, every swoop and dip we took was making me more and more nervous that I was going to be throwing up out of the front of the  para-glider which wasn’t exactly on my life list.

Ben landed first and managed to get a few shots of us touching down.

Overall, it was an incredible experience to fly with such a simple craft.  It was so beautiful and so calming.   And so dang cold.  We spent the rest of the night eating soup and hanging out by the fireplace to thaw.  Maybe next time we’ll shoot for July…


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