The Alamo

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After our visit the to Japanese Tea Garden and a quick lunch, we headed to the heart of San Antonio to visit the Alamo (we were in San Antonio, after all).  When I envisioned the Alamo and the missions that we would visit on subsequent days, I imagined them pretty much in the middle of nowhere – surrounding by open fields and desert.  It turns out that they are not.  The Alamo is pretty much downtown – surrounded by large hotels and parking garages.

While the location took me off guard, it was really cool to see something that old and historic in the states.  We became so accustomed to being surrounded by history while on our tour of Europe that after we came home, I think I can speak for both Bree and I when I say that we felt that our connection to place was missing.

The Alamo itself, while fairly small, is really quite interesting.  Aside from the simple building that is known as “The Alamo”, there are many walls and other buildings on the grounds.  The grounds are basically a well-manicured garden, which old, twisting trees – some of which are supported by poles and cables  in order to keep their thick, low-lying bows from breaking.  Some of the boughs have become so heavy and drooped so low that the dense ground cover has grown over and atop the limbs.

All in all, the Alamo was definitely worth a visit.  There aren’t very many places in the west with this much history – and it was definitely a nice, quiet escape from the energy of the city.


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