The Wind

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We woke up Thursday morning to the wind raging outside.  While we have had a few bad run-ins with wind in the past 6 months (one while camping at the confluence of the Green and Colorado river, and the other in Aups, France), and  ever since Bree has been pretty wary of windy weather.  I must note that while living in a house with real, solid walls and a roof however, the wind is much less aggravating.

By 6 am the wind was blowing hard enough that we could feel our entire hose twisting ever so slightly in the gusts, and before long we heard the crashing.  I ran to the window to look outside to find the source of the noise.  I was completely dismayed when I saw the roof of our shed complete with heavy, metal supports tumbling across our neighbor’s lawn (never to be found again, actually).

Running outside, we found our shed collapsed and all of the contents in a heap.  After quickly piling the heavy things such as tires and compost bins on top the light and wind-catching walls, we ran to the neighbors to help with their fleeing patio furniture.  Even the shed walls that the lawn mower was weighing down eventually flipped the mower, hopped the fence, and tumbled down the street.  We were seriously out of our league.



Bree’s note: While Ben seemed to be having the time of his life as our neighborhood was torn to pieces, the conditions outside were precarious at best.  In spite of the debris crashing down around us, we were outside doing our best to secure our shed and other yard debris from becoming shrapnel that would crash into the neighbors houses and windows.

After Bree and I had done all that we could at securing our fence and lawn equipment, we went back inside to wait out the rest of the wind-storm, which had toppled semis right and left on the freeway that morning.  Centerville, the town just east of us, would clock 102 mph winds, which just so happen to fall into the category of “class 2 hurricane”.


All in all, we are glad to have homeowner’s insurance.  We lost half the siding on one side of the house (faring quite well compared to many of our neighbors), our shed, one stretch of fence, and our satellite dish which we found on our front lawn.


What a great way to break up the week…



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