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After puttering around camp and brainstorming some ideas of where to go next, we decided to head off for a day trip (as most do) to Vintgar Gorge. We started by pedaling around the lake, and found a local tourist business to ask for directions. The directions were clear and simple – follow the main road for 3 kilometers.

What the man didn’t tell us was that it was 3 kilometers strait uphill. Luckily we weren’t loaded, and you can pedal 3 kilometers up anything if you gear appropriately.

What can I even say about Vintgar Gorge? It was totally awesome. Firstly, something must be wrong with the rivers back home because not only is Lake Bled super clear, but the river, which glows turquoise, is clear enough that we could see the rocks in the streambed clear from the switchbacks that drop into town. The trail into the gorge consists mostly of footbridges anchored to the limestone walls. The trail crosses over the river several times, hugs the cliffs, and even places you directly over several waterfalls. It was 1600 meters of sheer awesome.

We lucked out in getting a few hours of cloud cover. The colors of the river looked beautiful, and the clouds kept the glare off of the water so that we could see fish swimming in the deeper pools. The crowds weren’t too bad either, given that this is the #3 thing to do in Slovenia according to Trip Advisor.

Since we rode our bicycles to the gorge, we opted to hike back the way we had come instead of completing the partial loop on top of the gorge. By the time we made it back into the gorge, the sun had come out. It was a good reminder to take pictures when you see them, instead of assuming that you will come back. The bright sunlight cast a glare on the water and even washed out some of the color, contrary to Gorge de Verdon, where the sunlight actually brought out the colors.

Bree: We’ve been pretty obsessed with recording everything we see out here, but I’ve been thinking that in a few years when we look back, we will want to know what we looked like too. We made an attempt today at taking a few portraits, but I quickly remembered why they aren’t my favorite on this trip: I’ve all but given up on looking anything but totally granola. I swore I wouldn’t be that girl with the terrible hair, but between the humidity which seems to always hover above 80%, the daily necessity of wearing a helmet, and the fact that we essentially live in a tent have simply won over my desire to make any attempt at doing anything more than wrangling the whole frizzy mop into an elastic. With now more than two months of pony tails under my belt, I’ve also got more broken ends and fly aways than I can count. Frankly, I’d just as soon wear my helmet all the time out here- at least it stands as my excuse! I suppose that one can only look so fashionable while sporting a wool t-shirt anyway, so I hereby put a disclaimer on any photos that appears on this blog!

We stopped on the way home at a grocery store, stocking up our supplies and even trying out some of the dessert that this region is apparently famous for. With a flaky crust and a pudding filling, we really enjoyed it!

After our snack break back at camp, we headed into town. We had a few things to figure out, namely whether we would be able to secure a rental car for a few days to drive around the local Alps. Also, Ben’s brake pads were worn almost clear through and we needed to see if we could find a shop to replace them (so far we have had exactly zero flat tires, but Ben has worn through a whole set of brake pads!)
The car rental situation turned out to be a bit of a fiasco since the guy at Sixt wasn’t even in his shop. Instead, the lady at the tourist bureau next door called him for us and when he asked to speak to me, he loudly demanded that I answer an inordinate number of questions and then curtly told me that he wouldn’t rent to us, sorry, goodbye. We had a bit more luck at Budget, and hopefully we will be on a bit of a road trip the day after tomorrow!
Brake pads secured, we headed back to camp where cheesy potatoes were on the menu. Usually we grab a couple of different kinds of cheese to make the with, which is mostly guesswork since especially here we can’t read any of the packaging.  Usually this works ok, but today our soft cheese choice was chock full of nasty looking white and green mold.

We debated for several minutes whether or not this cheese was really ok to eat. The expiration date gave us several weeks, which was a plus. The only thing we could find online about this particular type of cheese related to sheep lice – that is a minus. Finally, after doing a bit more reading and learning that several fancy cheeses actually DO have mold on them, we decided to go for it. It didn’t taste bad, so so far so good.  We’ll keep you posted!


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  1. Kim says:

    The photos of the gorge are breathtaking! And Bree, I think you look fabulous, too. The cheese, however, is another story. You are brave to give it a shot.

  2. Peter says:

    I know it’s a bit late but just so you know, the cheese was OK. It’s French, it’s very popular here in SLO and it’s considered a delicacy. The mold is a must on this particular type of cheese so no worries about that.

    Safe travelling.

  3. Peter says:

    Yes I am. I live in a town here in the Alps about half way between Lake Bled and Vrsic Mountain Pass. You probably drove past us on your way to the latter one.

    If I may say, your blog is amazing. When I travel anywhere I’m usually too tired by the end of the day to even chat let alone write like this. It’s very, very readable.

    • Breeanne says:

      You are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. In our three months of travels, Triglav was definitely one of our favorites. Just out of curiosity, how did you find our blog, anyway?

  4. Peter says:

    A friend of mine was travelling here from Israel and she was curious about Schengen border formalities for non-Europeans. I googled something like “Slovenia borders” and I stumbled upon your blog by pure chance really. And once I began reading, I couldn’t stop.

    • Ben says:

      Interesting. Well we are glad to have you along. The blog is a lot of work to keep up, but definitely worth it!

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