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Road trips are the best. Ben and I spent 9 days driving around, visiting friends and family, and hanging out on the beach. Some of the highlights:

Sand Hollow: The first place we went was to see Cody! He’s home from Cape Verde! It was so fun to see him and so sweet of his family to let us stay in his already very crammed house (there were more than 30 of us staying there). Right after we got there, the family headed out to Sand Hollow Reservoir. Ben and I were already kind of beat, so we didn’t even put swimsuits on before we left. Unfortunately, once we got there, we decided we wanted to tube. In short, we put life jackets on and hopped in fully clothed. It was worth it! We had a blast on the tube and hanging out with Cody. Welcome home!

Mexico:  Ben had never been there, so we were determined to go. We took a very lovely train across the border (the Coaster, in case you want to try it) and then transferred to the trolley clear to the border. My honest confession is that I was scared stiff and we were definitely the only tourists on that train. It didn’t make me feel any better, but once we got there all was well. We had a grand old time bartering and being offered free margaritas at every corner.  That evening,  Megan came to hang out with us at our campsite.  Its been so fun to hang out with her this week!  Thanks Meg!

Catalina Island: We took a ferry over for a day trip. It was amazing. We rented a tandem bike and took it all around the island….a twenty minute project. Ben even let me drive(harder than it looks!)

The next rental of the day was a two man kayak. I think we both agreed it was the highlight of the day and probably of our whole trip. We paddled around the coastline for a couple of hours. The water was clear enough that we could see the fish and the reef right from the boat. In one inlet I saw some heads bobbing just above the water. I thought there were snorkelers, but they turned out to be seals! We were able to paddle right up to them and watch them swim around our boat. It amazed me that of all the twenty kayaks around, we were the only ones that found them. It made our entire day.

The last thing on our agenda was to snorkel. We probably waited until too late in the afternoon, but after a little effort we did find a place we could get in the water without being totally obliterated by the waves. We’d already had quite a day and I was totally beat, but  Ben went back out though and had a great time following a guy who had fish food in his hand.

San Clemente State Beach: Our last day we decided to have a real beach day so we headed out from our campsite right over to San Clemente beach. It took us a while to get used to the water temps, but once we were in, we had a great time boogie boarding and spotting some dolphins.

Utah Summer Games: This was Ben and my first bike race. I will suffice to say that we were out of our league. People arrived to the Time Trial on bikes worth twice as much as my car. I’m
serious. These machines don’t have engines people! Anyway, the competition was hard core but we had a blast and it was a great learning experience. We witnessed a fantastic crash in the crit which was as little unnerving, but everyone walked away. We met some talented athletes!


One of our most exciting plans of this trip was to go see Les Miserables. Ben and I have both read the book…the whole unabridged one…so we were pretty excited. It was beautifully done, the setting was amazing, and I was thrilled to be able see the stars during the show. It was our positively most moving experience of the entire week and worth every penny.

Just a few other things: We took a quick bike ride from my grandparents house to see the Petroglyphs on the rock walls down there. I’d been there as a kid, but they were cooler than I remembered. This also accounts for the only sunburn we got the whole week, but it was a beautiful ride. We had a blast. We also met up with Ben’s family for an afternoon and went up to Cedar Breaks. It was a bea
beautiful break from the heat and we had fun getting to play with them. We love you guys!

Spruces: One of our last stops on the way home was Ben’s family reunion. I don’t know about the “reunion” part, because it seems like the family is always together, but it was so fun. We ate, played card games, looked at Megan and Robs bridals, and chatted the afternoon away. These people are the biggest blessing to me and we are grateful to have them around.


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