Trapeze Seattle

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One of the best parts of visiting some of the larger cities in the states is the availability of flying trapeze rigs.  Seattle didn’t disappoint, and by my sister Caroline’s request we took a class.  Upon arriving at the rig, I couldn’t help but laugh at the age demographics of our 6 classmates.  Every single one of them was under the age of 12 – and then there was us.

The instruction was personalized so the age discrepancy didn’t really matter.  Bree and I were able to jump in right away as we didn’t require much instruction – our goal for the class was to improve some previous skills.

Caroline and Emily did great.  They even caught a knee hang on their first try!

Afterward we stopped by a local Starbucks.  Four of us had never been inside a Starbucks before, and attempting to decide how many frappuccinos to buy and whether or not they contained coffee proved too much.  After a messed up order, a missed dollar of each drink (there was a sale going on), and a good dose of humiliation we were all glad to get out and head toward sunny Anacortes.


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