Valley of Goblins

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Once we’d had a nap, cooked some lunch, and spent a few hours recovering from the 12 or so miles of hiking we did in the morning, we headed over to Goblin Valley to see some hoodoos.

I’m not altogether sure what we expected, but Goblin Valley didn’t disappoint.  Amazing stuff.

Extra points because you can climb on the Goblins.

We just couldn’t get enough of the strange shapes and the sort of eeriness in the valley.

And Ben nearly gave me a heart attack when he almost vaulted over this massive formation trying to beat the 20 second camera timer.

We figured we’d spend about an hour in the park…instead we ran around for nearly two and a half hours until we literally were running out of light.

And even then, we just kept playing.

I still can’t believe that neither of us had ever been here!  Sometimes I feel like we’ve been awfully far away from home in search of awesome things to see when stuff like this is only a few hours from home.

Plus, where else in the world can you spend the entire night with a coyote hanging out just outside your tent door?


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