Winter Festival 2012

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Last year Bree found that Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon holds a winter festival every year.  We attended last year and got completely hooked.  Unfortunately, this year has been very lacking in terms of snow, but there was at least enough to ski on.

One of the bright sides of there being little to no snow was that Bryce Canyon was completely accessible for hiking and exploring.  Bree could barely remember the last time she went into the canyon, and as such figured we better take a hike down into the hoodoos.  We took the trail down to the Queen’s Garden, which is a short hike.  The hike gave a completely new perspective on the canyon with the snow-capped hoodoos providing sharp contrast against the red rock.  It also wasn’t 5 million degrees, which is always a plus.

It was actually surprisingly warm for February.  The first day skiing I had to strip down to a thin pair of nylon pants and a t-shirt.  If I weren’t so wary of looking like a total dork, I would have gone down to shorts.  My shame got the best of me, though.  The trails were in ok condition – the snow was a little soft and in certain stretches one had to avoid brown patches of dirt that showed the snow to be only a few inches deep.

Last year we spent a lot of time going to lessons and presentations and activities associated with the winter festival.  I think that we have been running so hard the past couple weeks between school and work, though, that we pretty much just crashed and slept half the time.  It was much needed, though.


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