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Since we both have Monday off for President’s Day weekend, we figured we’d take a little road trip.  Bree, with her amazing Google powers, dug up a Winter Festival at Ruby’s Inn just outside of Bryce Canyon.  I was a little bit unsure about whether we’d be able to ski at all based on the amount of snow that was here yesterday.  All doubts were mitigated when we woke up, this morning.  We awoke to a somewhat whitish sky out our window.  As we looked out, we were greeted with this:

14 inches of snow overnight.  The snow kept piling up and the storm did not let up until around 6:00 this evening.  I would guess that we probably netted 20 to 30 inches, with another 3 –6 inches expected tonight.  Hopefully it will clear up enough to get home tomorrow.

Anyway, the winter festival that they put on has been splendid.  They have a whole lot of clinics and lessons all weekend long.  For instance, we began the day with yoga, followed by the spectating of kayak lessons in the swimming pool and photography this afternoon after our skiing excursion.  There have been so many activities going on that we couldn’t have made it to all of them if we tried.


We took a somewhat gumptious approach skiing today.  We headed out in the middle of a blizzard so thick that we couldn’t see the trail in front of us.  As we attempted to skate through the deepening  powder, we completely wore ourselves out.  Within an hour or two the snow let up a little so that we could enjoy the trail which wove through a cedar forest along the canyon rim.  After about 5.5 miles of skating through 6 inches of powder, we were completely wrung out.

Now we’re holed up in our hotel room, flipping through travel books and planning our our big bike tour.  What an awesome day!

We had no idea that Bryce Canyon got this much snow or that it could be so beautiful in the winter!


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