Winter Wonderland

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With winter now in full force, we’re having to get a little more creative about getting enough time outdoors, especially since I’m just not that into downhill skiing.  We’ve been out on a winter bike ride or two, but it seems like a shame not to enjoy the snow.





Yesterday we rented snowshoes and Colton and Miara joined us for an afternoon of aimlessly wandering around Milcreek Canyon.  It was positively perfect winter weather with a light dusting of snow.  We did however, quickly find ourselves feeling envious of the cross-country skiers gliding silently past as we trudged up the hill.

It only took a few minutes before we were all overheated from wearing way too many layers and took a break from our hike to cool off.

It wasn’t very long after we got to walking again before Ben got bored of sticking to the main road and diverted everyone on his own “path” straight up the mountain.

Which may or may not have led to at least a few face plants….

Even still, I just couldn’t get over how much fun it was to be outside exploring the mountains propelled by our own power and breathing fresh, cold air.

Once we summited the hill, we took another break to soak up the silence and before long we’d hatched a plan to build a snowman- right on top of a stump.

We found an actual trail to take us down the other side of the hill and quickly discovered that it was terribly slick.  After watching Colton, Miara, and I all nearly fall over on the way down, Ben ditched his snowshoes and went running back up the hill.  Seconds later, he was headed down the hill on his stomach at a really impressive speed…

and then convinced us all to join him on our new sledding hill.

It was such an awesome way to spend a Saturday that I’m suddenly having to reconsider my longstanding distaste for winter.  I’m dying to get on a pair of those cross country skis just as soon as we get the chance.


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